Metallurgical Testing

Assured Testing Services is capable of servicing your needs for the following types of metallurgical tests: 

  • Microhardness: ​​​Knoop, Vickers, and Rockwell methods available for plating hardness and case depth

  • Microscopic Thickness Examination to determine coating layer thickness

  • Grain Size

  • Tensile Strength

  • Yield Strength

  • Elongation

  • Modulus

  • Elevated Temperature Tensile Strength

  • Stress Rupture & Creep

  • Izod & Charpy Impact

  • Proof Load

  • Compression

  • Other Advanced Properties

Contact Assured's Technical Service department for more information on the advanced metallurgical testing capabilities available.

Assured regularly performs metallurgical testing in accordance with the following standards:

  • ASTSM B578

  • ASTM E384

  • ISO 4545

  • ASTM B487

  • ASTM E92

  • ASTSM E10

  • ASTM D2240

  • SAE J243

  • ASTM E1077

  • ASTM E3

  • ASTM E8

  • ASTM E18

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