Assured Testing Services specializes in corrosion and materials testing related to the energy sector for both oil and natural gas applications. The lab has the capability to provide performance requirement testing for many specifications designed for energy exploration and production services. Many of the laboratory's energy sector clients are involved with natural gas harvesting through hydraulic fracturing of shale; Assured Testing services a broad range of proppant and pipeline clients who have material properties or corrosion testing requirements.

Assured Testing has also helped to design and perform customized testing procedures for energy sector customers who have unique testing requirements.​ Corrosion testing for the energy sector typically includes heat, pressure, torque, moisture, and an electrolyte to simulate the unique properties of oil and gas pipeline transportation.

The most commonly performed energy corrosion testing specifications include:

  • IEE STD C57.12.28-2014

  • IEE STD C57.12.29-2014

  • IEC EN 60068-2-52 (1996)

The most commonly performed proppant sand testing specifications include:

  • API RP-19C, physical properties of natural, resin-coated, or ceramic proppant sand

  • API RP-19D, physical properties of natural, resin-coated, or ceramic proppant sand

  • ISO 17035-2, physical properties of natural, resin-coated, or ceramic proppant sand

  • ISO 17035-5, conductivity of proppant sand

For more information regarding proppant sand or ceramic proppant used for down-well fracking, visit our proppant sand testing website:

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